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Five ways YorMDM© can help your organisation work effectively during lockdown

We understand the impact Covid-19 has had on every type of business. Over the last few weeks, tens of thousands of organisations continuing to operate in the UK are now doing so remotely to protect their workforce and customers against Coronavirus (COVID-19). 


This brings with it many challenges, with remote working a hard adjustment for anyone to make - especially for organisations which have never permitted working from home before!

These organisations need to make many rapid decisions about remote working, including how to manage employees and keep them accountable, whilst at the same time how to manage, protect and secure devices and data.

Using Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, such as YorMDM, are an essential tool which can be used to secure devices (whether company-owned or employee-owned), keep devices working smoothly, and keep employees connected no matter where they are.

We have listed the five main ways that an MDM solution can help your transition to remote working easier, more effective, and more sustainable.


1) Remote device troubleshooting

MDM software allows your IT team or admin to remotely access, assess, manage and troubleshoot your employee’s devices using remote control, as well as screen share to walk-through IT issues with your workers.

This means that you can avoid the costly option of sending a member of your IT team to fix your worker’s device or having to post equipment back and forth. It also means protects your team by allowing them to continue to observe social distancing guidance and speeds up repairs.

Better yet, MDM solutions such as YorMDM, can operate across all of your organisations touchpoints and operating systems including smartphones, laptops, printers and more. This means your team can easily manage and troubleshoot all of your devices from one point.

2) Enhanced security for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

Many organisations allow employees to utilise their own devices to undertake their work. Whilst this is useful and necessary in many situations, it can create significant security issues if not properly supervised.

Whilst allowing employees to access business data on personal devices can support remote working opportunities, it simultaneously increases the risk of commercial data leaks or the loss of customer’s personal data (which may be a breach of GDPR).

A good MDM solution will offer support for Android Enterprise and Apple’s Business Manager, meaning your team can easily manage BYOD devices from different manufacturers, even for employees choosing remote work options.

3) Update your team with instant emergency updates

Keeping your team up-to-date is much easier when everyone is working in the same office - for example, you can confirm an employee has read an email by asking them. With remote working, it becomes more difficult to guarantee that everyone has read messages you may have sent them.

MDM solutions offer “emergency broadcasting” which allows you to send a message to every device in your fleet as an alert - ensuring that all of your workers will see it.

4) The ability to lock and wipe lost devices mitigates risk

People lose things - this can’t be avoided! Even when this is an accident, it creates stress for everyone because employees must look for devices while employers must hope that the device is accessed by thieves who will extract data from them. For many organisations, an increase in the number of remote workers simultaneously increases the risk of this occurring significantly.

MDM technology lets you remotely locate a device via your central dashboard and lock it until your employee can retrieve it, sparing your employee a long search and protecting it in the meantime. If the device can’t be located, your IT team can set the device to wipe its contents when it next comes online protecting your data.

5) Maintain device security with Mobile Identity Management

During times of crisis or quarantine and with an increase number of your workers accessing company systems remotely, ensuring your worker’s login process is secure is essential.

MDM software can help your Identity Provider to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials for quick and secure access to company resources.For even more security, you can use MDM solutions to push certificates to each device in order to ensure they have the proper certification needed for remote login and cannot login without it.

Like many other organisations, we adopted remote working policies early in order to protect our staff and customers. Like you, we understand the importance of maintaining the well-being of your people, whilst still running an efficient and effective organisation.

YorMDM, powered by 42Gears and SureMDM, offers all of the features above plus many more. This means that not only can you offer effective remote working options during the current crisis, but you can continue to do so after it is over.



If you need a powerful and rapidly deployable MDM solution, check out YorMDM or if you have a question about this article or need advice - contact us!


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