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Orbit Chooses YorWiFi For Independent Living Schemes

In February 2020, Yorcoms finished installing YorWiFi across all of Orbit’s Independent Living Schemes. This means that residents can now access high-speed public WiFi within their communal lounge. 


Orbit Group unveils the ‘Orbit Living Shared WiFi Project’

In 2013 Orbit Group, unveiled its ‘Orbit Living Shared WiFi’ project as part of delivering the organisation’s Digital Inclusion Strategy. The primary objective of the project was to support digital channel shift, whilst helping vulnerable residents access benefit entitlements and job opportunities.

It also aimed to enable older residents and those with disabilities to benefit from more opportunities for independent living; expand the younger generations knowledge of the internet outside of social media and reduce pressures and overheads for Orbit Group ICT staff.

Yorcoms wins tender for the opportunity to partner with Orbit

Yorcoms’ responded to Orbit’s tender and was awarded the contact to deliver WiFi services. Yorcoms’ primary objective in the project was to successfully deliver fully managed, free-at the-point-of-use WiFi internet access to the communal areas of twenty Orbit Group shared living schemes.

State-of-the-art Network

Throughout the project, Yorcoms has been Orbit’s main partner in designing and implementing the project’s WiFi approach, and in the ongoing management of the service.

The state-of-the-art WiFi system provides secure, discrete coverage and internet access to the main communal lounges in each scheme, as well as in computer rooms, libraries and, in some cases, to the residents’ living quarters.

Unlimited downloads with up to 4Mbps Speeds

The system provides free 4mbps internet access with no download limits and no contract, together with low-cost and higher speed services available to those tenants who want them. 

A locally installed Network Management Server provides corporate level security measures, as well as protecting vulnerable tenants from certain types of internet content including pornography and pay day loans.

All monitoring and management, including all broadband connections, are conducted remotely through a system developed and configured by Yorcoms. 

Quick and easy user registration

Registration and log-on to the service is quickly and easily accomplished with residents provided with a customised, Orbit branded landing page. This includes advice and guidance regarding internet use, access to Orbit’s online services and supporting links to relevant website.

Connected to Orbit’s network are Yorcoms’ innovative PUPs™ (Public Use PCs) solution. Developed and managed by Yorcoms, these fully-managed PCs are great for high use environments and can be returned to an ‘as-new’ state simply by being restarted.

Yorcoms now provides YorWiFi services in over 40 schemes

Keeping customers connected in lockdown.jpgGiven the huge success of the project, the initial pilot was extended to a further seven schemes bringing the total to 27. In 2016, this number increased to 36 and then to 42 schemes as of February 2020. Of the original pilot, Orbit stated:

“We are really pleased to be able to take this project forward and help many residents access the wealth of opportunities the Internet offers.”

Tim Dumbleton, Digital Inclusion Project Manager.

Public WiFi is a great tool to for driving digital transformation, telecare solutions and enhancing customer well-being. It is, however, more important now than ever as a means of keeping customers connected to their loved ones, as well as reducing boredom and social isolation.

Keeping customers connected during lockdown

Over the past few weeks, our networks have seen increased usage as users confined indoors connect to the outside world.

By working closely with Orbit, it was possible to complete the project successfully before the lockdown came into effect. The case study below details how the rational and steps taken to deliver Orbit Group’s ‘Orbit Living Shared WiFi’ project.

In the current situation many care providers are unable to allow broadband or installation engineers on-site to install equipment. 

In light of this, Yorcoms have worked hard to develop a plug-and-play YorWiFi solution which delivers many of the same great features shown below, but which allows you to maintain social distancing measures and to protect your customers.



If your organisation is considering installing public WiFi in sheltered, group, communal or independent living accommodation check out our YorWiFi products or contact us.



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