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1st June 2020 - Yorcoms relaunch helps keep customers connected during lockdown

The impact of Covid-19 on housing, health, and care providers - and their residents, customers, and patients - has been unprecedented. Lockdown and the necessary limitations on social contact imposed by the Government have hugely increased the risk of loneliness, social isolation, and boredom for many vulnerable people.   

At Yorcoms, we understand that keeping connected has never been as important as it is right now. Whether that is customers staying in touch with family, friends and loved ones, or shopping for groceries online, or providers trying to keep in contact with their residents, we believe that providing the infrastructure to make this ‘connectivity’ possible is one of our key responsibilities during this time. We also understand the issues faced by our customers and with these in mind we have worked to develop innovative solutions as part of our exciting relaunch.  

Our ‘technology for good’ ethos drove us to ask how could we safely implement our technologies to help relieve feelings of isolation and boredom? How could we keep people connected whilst adhering to government guidelines? How could we support providers balancing the need for social distancing with the need to engage with their customers?   

The answer was YorWiFi Now. An innovative product which takes our fully-managed, public WiFi service already used in supported living schemes across the UK and distils it into a compact, easy to self-install solution that doesn’t require an engineer visit. Meaning care providers can maintain social distancing measures and instantly launch a branded, secure public WiFi network - perfect for keeping customers connected and for driving digital care, digital inclusion, and digital transformation. For providers looking to digitally engage with their customers, we have also worked hard to produce YorWiFi Advanced and YorWiFi Professional which offer the same great plug-and-play connectivity but with added benefits including intuitive analytics, customisable landing pages, and much more to help drive engagement.  

YorWiFi Now isn’t the only product which we have been innovating on. We know the demand for digital telecare and warden call solutions due to social distancing measures and the switch-off of PSTN/ISDN networks in 2025 has never been greater. As part of our relaunch, we have been working closely with some of the UK’s largest social housing and Technology Enhanced Care (TEC) providers to develop state-of-the-art digital telecare solutions. Digital from the ground up, our solutions will be fit for the 21st century and ready to replace aging analogue systems. We have also recognised that lockdown has led to a surge in the demand for cost-effective, reliable remote working solutions that enable organisations, their colleagues, and their customers to keep connected and operating effectively. In response, we have launched several new brands including YorVoIP (hosted VoIP), YorMobile (voice and data, PAYG and contract), YorSecure (cyber security), and YorMDM (Mobile/Enterprise Device Management).  

Yorcoms Group CEO, Peter Reed-Forrester, summarising the thinking behind this launch stated “At the end of the day, I believe Covid-19 has forced a major change in the way we work and interact, which has in turn led to a massive surge in the need for all forms of digital connectivity. With this being our core business and skillset and #DigitalForThePeople being a core part of our ethos at Yorcoms Group, it would be a pretty poor show if we couldn’t help deliver it wouldn’t it?” 

For further information on any of the above, you can contact Yorcoms now on 0330 122 1091 or browse our website www.yorcoms.net.

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