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YorWiFi© installed across the East Coast’s most exclusive leisure parks

As an industry specialist in delivering wireless broadband coverage to locations suffering from poor internet connectivity, Yorcoms now operates public WiFi networks at three of Don Amott’s holiday parks with a view to expand to additional sites in the near future.


By their very nature, many holiday parks are based in remote locations and whilst this is a pull-factor for many people seeking to get away from the stresses of daily life, traditional ISPs often struggle to provide high-quality, robust internet connectivity. For many, the business model utilised means they are unable or unwilling to provide connectivity.

Not only do such locations suffer from a lack of last-mile connectivity and poor mobile signal, but there also is the added complexity of delivering high-speed WiFi into metal-framed holiday homes which are no laid out in positions favourable for maximising WiFi coverage.


YorWiFi is the chosen solution for connecting customers

For Don Amott Parks, this was no different until Yorcoms was selected as the supplier of choice, capable of using the latest developments in wireless technology to create bespoke solutions to best meet the needs of Don Amott and its customers.

At Lakeside Park, free WiFi is provided customers across the site’s leisure and recreational areas with YorWiFi hotspots installed onto existing infrastructure. In the touring area, custom designed 4m weatherproof lamp-posts were strategically installed which provide 2.4Ghz WiFi coverage for visting holiday goers.

Yorcoms has overcome many of the issues surrounding the provision of WiFi in such locations in a cost-effective, long-term, performance enhancing way.Despite finding new and innovative ways of delivering WiFi connectivity, Don Amott Park’s rural location also meant it suffered from a lack of highspeed broadband availability.

Using load-balancing and intelligent cloud systems, Yorcoms has been able to provide a solution that effectively manages the bandwidth available at the site to offer users up to 4Mbps download speed and unlimited downloads.

The system dynamically distributes the available bandwidth amongst users to manage increased demand during peak times to ensure everyone receives the best service possible.

A successful project with many happy users

Free WiFi is now a must have for all leisure and holiday destinations, as a deciding factor on destination and return business, with customers expecting WiFi to be available regardless of whether they intend to use it or not.

Not only is it perfect for helping to keep the children entertained and watching a family film on a rainy-day, it means your customers can keep on top of work with email access or find nearby tourist spots to visit.

The solution provided by Yorcoms means that Don Amott customers in need of WiFi can get online without having to worry about expensive WiFi packages or being penalised for using too much data, all whilst trying to enjoy a well-deserved break.

Yorcoms now operates YorWiFI networks across three Don Amott Parks with several expansions of the network made since the original installation was completed.

Public WiFi can be good for customers and a powerful digital engagement tool for your business

Not only does providing free WiFi mean your business can keep up with the competition, it can also have many other benefits and a high ROI if used properly.

This includes helping to build your digital and social media presence, brand promotion, the ability to push out information and offers to visitors, create additional revenue streams by charging for WiFi access, and automatically creating GDPR complaint mailing lists for you to contact visitors.

YorWiFi is a fully-managed, secure, branded WiFi solution which can be rapidly deployed in your venue’s communal lounges or across entire holiday parks.


To enquire about YorWiFi for your holiday or leisure park, check out our website or contact us here!


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