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Copper Vs Fibre (The Old and the New)

The First difference between our Broadband Services is based on the type of "Cabling" that delivers the service to your Home or Business.

Our Zippy Service is delivered over the original Openreach Copper Network all the way from your nearest "Exchange" to the internal socket in your property/office and, as such, uses the older ADSL/ADSL2+ etc. technology.

ADSL diagram

Trasmission over copper cables always results in "Signal Loss" which increases every metre the signal has to travel, which is what causes the corresponding loss of broadband speed.  This is why properties/buildings a long distance from a copper only exchange (i.e. rural) receive very poor speeds if any at all.  Even when you are close to the Exchange, over copper cables only, the maximum download speed you can obtain  is 24Mbps.

When it comes to our Flying and Scorching services, these are delivered via the Openreach "Fibre To The Cabinet" Service (known as FTTC), which uses the hugely faster medium of Fibre Optic Cable to deliver the Broadband Service to the network of local "Green Cabinets" you see in streets all over the UK.

FTTC Diagram

This means that there is very little "loss" between the nearest digitally enabled exchange and the street cabinet, resulting in much higher speeds for our Customers who can get it.

Even with FTTC there is, however, still an issue with signal loss that is caused by the fact that the connection between your property/office continues to use a copper cable.  As such the Broadband Speeds that you can obtain will still be dependent on your distance from the nearest cabinet.  The table below provides an indication of the speeds available at various distances from the cabinet.

FTTC speed table

Finally a word about "Fibre To The Home" (FTTH) and "Fibre To The Premises" (FTTP).

These services are available at locations where the Fibre Optic cabling runs not only to the street Cabinet but also from there to the building itself.

FTTP Diagram

These services, which Yorcoms will be launching in certain areas by the end of 2018, will provide download speeds of up to 300Mbps almost regardless of how far you are from the nearest cabinet!  So, watch this space :-)

When it comes to selecting your Broadband service with Yorcoms, the first thing you will do is find out what speeds/services are available at your address.  Just pick the one that is best for you in terms of speed, price or both.

For help in making that choice, see the section below entitled "What speed do I Need" or just give us a call on 0330 122 1091 and our friendly Yorkshire based team will give you all the help you need.

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Our core ethos and business model is built around the belief that we must make access to quality Broadband and the Digital World is available to ALL, regardless of location or financial status.  We always strive deliver real benefit to the people, communities and organisations we work with and are committed to delivering a high quality and fairly priced range of products & services to our Customers at ALL times.  These are values we believe are clearly evidenced by the fact that we are a Certified ADR Provider through Ombudsman Services. 


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